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What a Writing Coach Can Do For You

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Effective writing skills make you more valuable in the business world. In fact, if you want to compete in today’s marketplace, you need to be able to write clearly and accurately, and in a way that engages clients, prospects, stakeholders, and the media. Dawn Josephson can help. Services she can assist you with include:

  • Writing coaching 
  • Book editing
  • Article editing
  • Web copy editing
  • Brochure editing 
  • Newsletter and blog editing

Writing Coaching

What a Writing Coach Can Do for You

Some people find it difficult to organize their writing and stay on schedule. Some people can’t seem to get the first word on paper. Some people think writing is too challenging.

A writing coach can help you overcome these hurdles and many more! 

By applying the benefit of years of experience to your project, a writing coach helps you establish realistic goals and expectations, and supports you as you meet them. 

In short, a writing coach keeps you on track when …

  • Your enthusiasm wanes
  • You find the process of writing discouraging
  • You need a new approach or technique
  • You’re full of ideas but can’t get them on paper
  • You feel lost in the middle of a project

What is a Writing Coach

A writing coach is part cheerleader, part teacher, and part hard-nosed editor. He or she guides your writing project through uncertainties and problems, and creates the structure you need to keep writing. As you write, a writing coach gives you helpful feedback on how to strengthen your writing by offering the objective response of an outsider with the encouragement of someone who wants you to succeed. A writing coach empowers you to bring your project to completion.  

When Should You Work with a Writing Coach?

  • If you’re serious about wanting to write but don’t know where to start
  • If your enthusiasm and energy ran out before you finished the project
  • If you feel the need to test what you’ve written 


Ready to get started? Contact Dawn Josephson today to learn more about writing coaching.

About Dawn

Editor & Writing Coach

Dawn Josephson empowers leaders to master the printed word for enhanced credibility, positioning, and profits. She helps her clients create irresistible books, articles, and blog posts that position them as the expert. 

Dawn got her first piece published at age 8. Today she has over 5,000 published articles and 30 published books to add to her list of accomplishments, many of which are published under her clients' names. Her client list includes professional speakers, business owners, attorneys, accountants, physicians, book and magazine publishers, infomercial celebrities, business consultants and coaches, psychologists, real estate professionals, Olympic athletes, college professors, and even an astronaut.

Dawn owned and operated a successful publishing company for over ten years, and she is the creator of The Ground Rules™ book series. Prior to that, Dawn worked as Editor-in-Chief for a national magazine publisher, an editorial consultant for book publishers, a regularly contributing writer to arts and entertainment magazines, an ad copywriter for small and mid-sized businesses, and a technical writer for a software company.

Dawn is a recognized expert in her field and is known for her straightforward writing, humor, and bold approach. She has been featured in such media outlets as Huffington Post, USA Today, Investor’s Business Daily, PR News, HR Magazine, Job Placement & Training Report, Educational Dealer, Real Estate Broker’s Insider, Writer’s Weekly, and other national publications. 

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